A Lawsuit Against Glaxosmithkline Causes Birth Defects

Zofran Law is a family law clinic based in Sacramento, California that specializes in cases dealing with the issues of pregnancy and birth defects. The main focus of the clinic is to provide its clients with the best possible chances of winning their tort suits. Their nine lawyers represent a diverse range of clientele. They deal with many types of people, including clients who have been diagnosed with various illnesses or conditions as well as those who claim they got sick from exposure to toxins during pregnancy. In addition, some of their clients are those who claim that they were exposed to harmful drugs during prenatal care.

Zofran Lawsuit

A Zofran Law review can tell you a great deal about their clients. Most of their plaintiffs are individuals who claim to have been exposed to harmful drugs during pregnancy. These women often claim that the drugs caused them to suffer from severe morning sickness symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. Another reason that most clients come to this clinic is because they are also suffering from side effects from taking the drug during pregnancy. Some of these side effects include changes in the body such as severe hair loss, damage to the liver, and worse yet, defects on the heart.

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As you read about the various ways that Zofran Law is able to help those suing it for exposing their unborn children to harmful drugs during pregnancy, you will also learn that they frequently take part in ongoing lawsuits against two of the biggest manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs.

At the time the lawsuit was filed, these companies had already been found to be guilty of withholding safety information about certain drugs while promoting them. According to the Zofran lawsuit, these companies knew that exposing millions of women to the risk of developing birth defects and killing them could result in huge financial profits, but they still did it.

One reason that Zofran’s lawsuit has brought about massive changes in the drug industry is that it was found that these companies knew about the dangers of exposing millions of pregnant women to Zofran and yet continued to do so anyway.

What’s worse is that these companies did not inform women who were at a higher risk of developing birth defects or could have possibly affected them. In one case, a drug was found to be thirty times more deadly than it was thought to be! How could this happen? Well, one thing we know for sure is that the food we consume has far more dangerous ingredients than the medicines that are put into it.

The lawyers representing the victims in the Zofran lawsuit discovered something else when they were looking for lawyers to help them with their case.

The medical experts were finding that the reason these drugs were being sold was that there was a connection between Zofran and congenital heart defects. It was discovered that there was a very strong correlation between these two diseases. This means that these doctors who recommended Zofran to their patients were knowingly putting their patients at risk of developing heart problems.

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Glaxosmithkline and other big pharmaceutical companies are aware of the link between the drug and serious health issues.

The main argument they use to avoid paying out settlements in court is that all they did was provide advice to patients on how to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness. If a company was selling medicine that caused heart problems or congenital defects, then it is obvious they did not perform the research necessary to find out how harmful these drugs are. There is a lesson here for doctors who continue to blindly prescribe these medications. If they have any doubts about the medicines they prescribe, they should look into Zofran and other similar cases and discover how serious the consequences can be.

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