Zantac lawsuits are designed to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the health injuries that occur as a result of their product use. The lawsuit was founded by Mrs. Renee Young, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late stages of her life. Despite her positive prognosis, she endured an assortment of debilitating symptoms including urinary incontinence, inability to tolerate bed rest, bladder infections, as well as a lack of appetite. Through consultation with her personal physician and the upon doctors she hired, Mrs. Young experienced firsthand how badly manufactured drugs caused her to suffer.

Mrs. Young has brought this lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Allergen to name a few of the defendants.

These are defendants that manufacture drugs intended for treating the causes of her debilitating condition. Zantac lawsuits will seek damages for lost wages, medical bills, emotional and physical suffering, and other related losses that occur as a result of their defective cancer treatments.

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Plaintiffs attorneys, who have been successfully representing thousands of individuals who have been similarly victimized by manufacturer negligence, will not let these corporations off the hook.

These are companies that have been heavily fined for knowingly exposing their employees and patients to dangerous levels of carcinogens found in their drugs. In addition to heavy fines, pharmaceutical companies are required by law to warn patients and others about the risks inherent in using their products, especially when such dangers have been proven beyond doubt. Unfortunately, many drug companies are willing to ignore the safety guidelines stipulated by the Food and Drug Administration in order to receive profitable bonuses.

This case is being handled by Zantac Lawsuits Inc. in conjunction with the law firm of Podiatric Medical Institute.

This award will represent the largest monetary settlement ever awarded in a malpractice lawsuit. The amount is expected to be about $12 billion. While it is expected to be a major victory, the scope of the verdict may still be limited because of the complex nature of settling pharmaceutical lawsuits. It is also important for plaintiffs’ attorneys to note that the verdict will only be binding on the drug manufacturers named in the suit if they can prove liability beyond reasonable doubt.

There are other cases currently pending in various courts across the country in which a significant victory has been achieved.

Several of these involve significant claims of medical errors, wrongful death, permanent disability, and much more. These are all routinely used by consumer class actions in the healthcare arena as a means of holding negligent drug manufacturers accountable for their actions.

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These lawsuits are designed to be very broad, because only general damages recovery is permitted.

Most plaintiffs attorneys will not take these cases to court, preferring instead to resolve them out of the courtroom and seek monetary compensation. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to the courts that these defendants have a responsibility to make good faith efforts to mitigate the potential damage their actions may cause. In some instances, the company has been negligent enough to establish a substantial risk of permanent disabilities or even death for plaintiff. A recent lawsuit involving the manufacturer of an antineoplastic agent responsible for the creation of many life-threatening cancer drugs demonstrates just this point.

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