A recent Costco Coconut Oil lawsuit has brought many questions and discussion. The lawsuit revolves around whether or not Costco was illegally forced to use lye (sodium hydroxide) when processing their coconut oil. According to the company, they had to use this chemical in order to make their coconut oil lard smoother and more consistent. What many people are not aware of, however, is that this same chemical can cause serious health problems.

Costco Coconut Oil Lawsuit

Costco coconut oil lawsuit specifics vary somewhat depending on who you talk to. Still, there are some things that are apparent. For example, one attorney stated that he believes the lawsuit to be “baseless”. However, other attorneys concur that the problem with Costco coconut oil could have been easily avoided if the manufacturers would have taken the time to learn about the dangers of using the chemical.

The biggest problem with using lye to process coconut oil is that it’s extremely caustic.

This means that it will eat through the outer skin of coconuts relatively quickly. This will ultimately leave behind a brittle finish that’s highly susceptible to breaking. As a result, it has often been the cause of kitchen injuries and burns. Some people have even described the flames of their burn marks as resembling the sun’s rays.

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A second common problem with the use of lye in the making of coconut oil is that it can also damage the body.

Sodium hydroxide is known to dehydrate the human body significantly. This is a problem because it makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for the human body to properly absorb the essential fatty acids present in coconut oil. This deficiency of these fats can result in poor overall health. It can also prevent the body from absorbing enough nutrients that do not come from the oil itself.

Even after the manufacture of the lawsuit stating that coconut oil does not cause cancer was exposed, the oil continues to be sold.

It’s still a huge seller in countries around the world. There is no indication that the sale of this oil has substantially abated since it was exposed on the television news. Therefore, it stands to reason that this oil is doing its job.

However, this job requires a lot of care when it comes to the handling, storage and consumption of this product.

If you were to purchase this product, you should do so with extreme care. This lawsuit suggests that you should only use the coconut oil by reading all of the labels very carefully. You should be able to read the ingredients to determine what exactly is inside each bottle. If you are unable to locate all of the information that you require, then it may be best for you to contact a friend or family member who can make the purchase for you.

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