What are Lawsuits

What Are Court Cases and What Are They For?

What are lawsuits? A lawsuit, also referred to as an action in equity, is a legal proceeding by a plaintiff or opposing parties in the court of equity against another. The term “lawsuit” is derived from only a few existing statutes currently in force; however, the “joint action” and “complaints” are words that generally are used to describe actions that have common elements. Civil lawsuits are also called “actions,” “suits”, “defendants’ actions” or “pleadings”.

What are lawsuits for wages?

In a recent Bankruptcy Case in San Francisco County Court, the Judge panel majority decided that a discharge order was improper because it did not meet the criteria for what would be considered a valid discharge. The majority opinion stated that the discharge order in the Bankruptcy Case was an attempt by the Bankruptcy Attorney to limit the liability of the debtor for debts that were already deemed uncollectible under the bankruptcy case’s original conditions. Essentially, the discharge failed to take into consideration all of the debts that the defendant was obligated to repay in the underlying bankruptcy case. The Judge ruled that the discharge was illegal and vacated the bankruptcy case.

What are lawsuits for overtime pay?

Overtime pay is one of the most controversial topics in the United States. Many state governments have been fighting for years over the issue of overtime pay for employees who work additional hours than the state’s minimum wage laws allow. The minimum wage laws were set in place by the US Congress. Congress repeatedly passed laws establishing the minimum wage above inflation, thereby reducing the need for employers to compensate employees for working additional hours in light of the statutory minimum.

What are lawsuits for overtime pay?

Overtime wages are now required in many states of the United States. In some cases, the increased costs of providing benefits to employees have caused employers to sue the government, claiming that the wages are not compensative enough to justify the costs. The fact that such lawsuits are now occurring at a time when the state governments are trying to rein in spending and regulation of businesses is indicative of the problems inherent in the state-level minimum wage laws.

What are lawsuits concerning the environment?

While lawsuits regarding pollution, toxic wastes, or blood clots are relatively rare, lawsuits concerning alleged environmental harm are growing in number. The EPA has sued corporations, claiming that they released heavy metals into the air, and while the courts have sometimes ruled in favor of the defendant, such lawsuits have become more common.

What are lawsuits concerning nursing home abuse?

There are a growing number of lawsuits against negligent long-term care nursing home care providers. The majority of these suits are based on the argument that a caregiver provided inadequate supervision and care for a patient. These lawsuits are often settled out of court, but if no settlement is reached, the plaintiff may file suit in state court, which often allows plaintiffs access to a better legal team and higher compensation.

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