Some of the internet's biggest adult websites, including Pornhub, are now blocking access to Utah users over a new age verification law that takes effect on Wednesday.

The Utah law signed in March creates liability for porn sites that make their content available to people below the age of 18.

Instead of seeing adult content when visiting those sites, affected users are shown a message expressing opposition to SB287, the Utah law.

The message calls for policymakers to "identify users by their device" rather than by requiring them to upload their photo ID.

The age verification requirement could drive users "to sites with far fewer safety measures."

Pornhub declined to comment on its actions in Utah beyond the message it posted to users in the state.

Porn sites aren’t the only ones to face calls for age verification, as state and federal lawmakers have increasingly pushed to mandate a minimum age for social media use, too.

In Louisiana, one of the country’s first age requirements for adult websites went into effect in January.

Unlike Louisiana, Utah lacks a similar digital ID solution, which could pose challenges for online age verification.

Pornhub's parent company, MindGeek, also owns a separate age verification company known as AgeID, which is currently in use in Germany, though it does not currently operate in the United States.

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