Rudy Indiana Jones makes her debut in the acclaimed Dr. Watson series of books, where she is the latest high-profile case. And after arresting a serial killer, ADA Rudi Indiana arrives at the facility she is working for to find out more about the killer’s motives. She soon discovers that he has ties to the mafia and his past connections to high places. He escaped from a rehabilitation facility and has been popping up in local crime scenes ever since. But when he kills his latest victim, ADA Rudi finds herself drawn into this story, along with the police department, the suspect, and even the press!

Rudy Indiana Otis Law

It wasn’t that long ago that Rudi had found herself following in the footsteps of another woman in an abusive relationship… The break that she received from that man changed everything, as she discovered that she was the exact match of Samantha Burke gave birth to. That changed things both for Rudi and for her daughter Iris, who found out that they had the same father…

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The story begins in September of 2020, as Rudi goes after the suspect. As they speak, they learn that he is a member of the Southside Scorpions – a family of Italian-American organized crime. Iris was born in the year before their first marriage, so it is believed that Samantha Burke gave birth to her daughter Iris in that location.

After spending several days trying to track him down, they finally agree to meet in a coffee shop.

During the meeting, they learn that Rudi was hired by a production company to clean the dilapidated warehouse where they worked. While they were there, they witnessed the murder of a construction worker they had never met. As they learned more about Josephine, they learned that he was the head of a powerful crime syndicate. He and his three children showed up with their own men to take care of the situation, but Samantha quickly noticed something was amiss.

In an attempt to prevent more bloodshed, Samantha called upon the local authorities, but they were too late. As they arrived, they found two men dead – one was shot through the skull and the other was beaten to death. As they approached the man lying on the ground, they saw a dark figure hanging from the ceiling. It was a man wearing an aluminum mask. It quickly became apparent that this man was the serial killer that had appeared earlier in the evening, and he instantly escaped.

Two days later, while on leave from work, Rudi and Iris went to the local hospital to look at Aloise’s lifeless body. Inside, they discovered that the skull of their victim had been cracked open, indicating that it had been open at the time of death, and that there had been another knife present.

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They also found a note inside which read: “You see the sky Captain is coming to town.”

A week later, a woman working as a tour guide for the Royal Caribbean cruise shipwrecked near Grand Cayman Island saw a body washed up on shore. It was Aloise. She quickly reported the discovery to the authorities, and a search for the body was immediately underway. Just before daybreak on the third day of the search, however, word reached Samantha and Iris that a badly decomposed and unidentified body had been discovered in a crevasse on Whitehead Island.

By the end of the day, however, the medical teams were unable to get any real information from the body, due to the fact that the skin and muscles had begun to wrinkle considerably during the weeks of dehydration, and exposure to the salt water.

A week after that, while the medical teams were still all participating in the search for Aloise, an individual called Dr. William Spencer called the grave site to tell them that he had buried his friend, Aloise, just down the road from where he lived. Upon learning from Dr. Spencer that the deceased man’s name was Rudy Indiana Otis Law, the search became a matter of local concern, and the FBI was called in to assist the local police.

In the days following the tragedy, numerous guest speakers made speeches to express sorrow over the tragic event, and many people came to pay their last respects to the man they had never known, while others visited the grave site to lay a wreath of flowers in remembrance of Aloise. After the funeral services, the family departed for the good-byes, and the world has now learned of the tragic death of Aloise Law, and the search for his killer.

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