Several men who use the Nutribullet food processor in their home have recently fallen ill, one in the stomach and another in the chest. They have been poisoned, their immune systems have been compromised and they have suffered burn injuries. This has prompted lawsuits from several victims which are currently underway in Cook County Court. Among these plaintiffs is the husband of one victim who is suing the manufacturer of Nutribullet. This suit is expected to go to trial later this year.

Nutribullet Lawsuit

A man who was cut up his hand while chopping up a meal for his family last month says that the Nutribullet accidentally exploded in his hand while he was mixing some chicken. This man says that he can’t feel his finger anymore and cannot cook anything with the plastic knife that is a part of the Nutribullet. Another man says he mixed his food with the machine thinking that it was fast food not real food. When he put the food in the microwave he cut himself on the hand. He is now in need of surgery and now plans on filing a lawsuit.

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A woman whose brother was injured when the nutribullet exploded says her family is living on bread and noodles while going through a stressful time.

She says she cannot afford the medication her brother needs because the cost is so high. Her family is relying on government assistance to pay for his hospital stay and he is relying on them to pay his mounting medical bills. The woman says she never thought about how easy it would be to explode like the nutribullet did when she was preparing her food. When she went to clean up the mess left behind by the explosion, she found that all the pieces of the exploded food were still lying on the floor. Now she is trying to sue the company responsible for manufacturing the product.

Several other lawsuits have been filed against Nutribullet including one from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

An attorney for that office sent a cease and desist order to the Nutribullet Company stating that they are liable for the injuries that one of their employees got when using the blender. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation also filed a suit against the company asking for millions of dollars in judgments. All of these suits are pending before the courts. There is no word on whether or not any of the suits have been successful.

There have also been class-action lawsuits filed in the Southern District of Florida.

In one class action lawsuit a woman received a financial settlement after she lost her leg in a work related accident. Another woman who lost her leg in a factory work accident received a settlement from her former employer and is now receiving monthly payments. These are just two examples of class action lawsuits. If you are interested in a class action lawsuit, you should contact an experienced Palm Beach attorney as they will be able to provide you with the information you need to file the class action lawsuit.

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A Nutribullet Company spokesperson stated in an email to me that they are not involved in any lawsuits and are only concerned about the safety of their customers.

I asked them if there had been any class-action lawsuits regarding their product and if they knew of any? They did not respond or provide any additional information. There is no evidence of any injury claims related to their product.

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