A recent article in Skin Cancer News included a reference to the Nerium lawsuits against two companies. In both cases, the plaintiff’s attorney was able to successfully argue that the ingredients in the defendants creams and lotions were responsible for the plaintiffs injuries and damage. However, the courts have ruled that Nerium did not have liability enough to win their cases.

In one of the Nerium lawsuits, the plaintiff’s attorney argued that the active anti-aging ingredient in the cream and lotion was a “microderm abrasion” chemical, which was not allowed by the FDA as a claim for negligence.

The attorney further argued that the ingredient caused physical harm, caused emotional distress, and caused mental health problems. This is the second case that the Nerium lawsuits against two companies have resulted in. In the first case, the jury awarded a $1.75 million settlement to a woman who suffered from permanent nerve damage and neck pain after using the Nerium product.

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The attorney representing the plaintiffs in the two lawsuits claims that the active anti-aging ingredient, menthol, is a “toxic” substance that causes allergic reactions including nose and throat irritation, rashes, dizziness, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, respiratory problems, tremors and even death.

There are many other ingredients in Nerium products, which are also included as “key ingredients”. These include but are not limited to Ligna, alpha lipoic acid, glycerin, chamomile extract, tea extracts, and pau d’arco.

There are several skin care reviews that list Nerium products as being beneficial.

In one of these reviews, a user claimed to have experienced no adverse effects from the facial creams. One reviewer stated that the Nerium Accupressure cream had an instant effect and that she saw immediate results. Another user reported that the cream caused immediate improvements to her skin. The manufacturer, however, will not confirm these results.

According to the attorneys who are representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuits, the reason that the Nerium Accupressure cream is considered a “poisonous plant” because it contains alkaloids.

This means that the ingredient interferes with the body’s natural ability to control inflammation. As we age, our bodies become less capable of controlling inflammation. Certain conditions, such as arthritis, eczema, gout, etc., are thought to be caused by inflammation.

Because it contains an alkaloid, Nerium is considered a “highly toxic” ingredient.

If you are allergic to emollients, you should discontinue use immediately and contact a physician. The lawsuits are ongoing in both lawsuits involving Nerium products and another case in which the plaintiff’s daughter was severely burned when she pressed the button on the heating element instead of the lid.

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