On Dec. 11, 2013, the Massachusetts Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Safe Home Security Inc. alleging that the company lied to consumers about their contract terms and charges, threatened to report them to credit bureaus, and harassed customers. Although this lawsuit is relatively new, there are many similarities to Safe Home’s practices. The company has a similar business model and has received hundreds of complaints in Massachusetts. The Attorney General’s Office says that the complaints are unfounded and that the case could lead to more consumer protection laws.

Safe Home Security Lawsuit

The Attorney General claims that Safe Home Security violated the terms of a 2014 settlement. The suit seeks civil penalties and refunds for consumers. The Office of Attorney General states that the company is based in Middletown, CT. The company’s website states that it has offices in Cromwell and Middletown, Connecticut. After receiving numerous complaints from consumers, the Office of Attorney General decided to file a lawsuit against Safe Home Security.

The Connecticut Attorney General says that Safe Home violated the law by not licensing its alarm business between December 2018 and October 2020.

The company’s website claims that it has over a million satisfied customers. In 2007, the Connecticut Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Safe Home, alleging that it violated the Unfair Trade Practices Act. This settlement was reached in 2014, but the company continues to operate in the state. The case will not affect the company’s ability to serve its customers in the future.

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Consumers are not impressed by Safe Home Security’s service, but this lawsuit claims that the company gave its customers the worst service possible.

The company allegedly abused its trust by placing its customers’ credit information in the credit bureau. Further, they billed customers for more than $1,400 of their service, even though they were only getting a free quote. The company’s website also contains complaints filed against Safe Home Security by its customers.

It is important to keep in mind that Safe Home Security is a scam. However, there are a few issues with the company. While the company isn’t a scam, it doesn’t have enough transparency. As a result, you should not sign up for a home security contract if you are unsure of whether or not it’s worth it. There are some cases where the service is not worth the money.

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