Important Information About the Takata Class Action Lawsuit

A Takata Class Action Lawsuit is a case that is part of the legal process which is brought by individuals who suffered injuries because of airbag defects. The lawsuit was filed by the National Airbag Association (NAA) after a series of reports by news channels and other media showed that the airbags installed in vehicles have been the cause of deaths and injuries. The manufacturers took corrective measures and recalled the vehicles but failed to take any measures to check and maintain the defective airbags. The problem with this is that the defective airbags can cause serious injuries and even death when they are used as they should be.

The Class Action Lawsuit was then filed by the plaintiffs.

There is a lawsuit that has already been filed and this is for those who were killed due to the Takata airbags. There are still other people who suffered injuries and want compensation from the company. They want to be able to cover their living expenses and medical bills. If you intend to join the lawsuit, there are a few things that you need to know.

Takata Class Action Lawsuit:

The lawsuit is divided into two different class action suits namely the first is for those who were involved in a car accident and sustained injuries and the second is for all those who suffered an injury due to Takata airbags. The first suit is for personal injury compensation while the second suit is for property damage and medical bills. You need to know that the first suit is for personal injury compensation while the second suit is for property damage and medical bills.

How to join the class action lawsuit:

You need to first search for the right lawyers who can help you with your case. Many lawyers specialize in this kind of case and you can search for them on the internet. After you find the lawyer, you should contact him and tell him everything that you are planning to do. When talking to the lawyer, you should ask all the questions that are related to your case. It is important to know how to contact your lawyer, how much amount he will charge you, and other legal things.

A time limit of the Takata class action lawsuit:

The time limit depends upon the nature of the case. If it is an individual injury case then the time limit is one year. But, if it is property damage or a medical bill case then the time limit will extend to three years. So, it is better to contact your lawyer as soon as possible.

Who can join the lawsuit:

If you are an individual who has been involved in an accident caused by Takata airbags, then you can join the Takata class action lawsuit. However, if it is a vehicle accident case then only two people can join the lawsuit. It is also important to mention that the two persons cannot be the same people. This is because the lawsuit must be filed within three years. In case of any doubt, the two people can be the same ones, or else the case will not be valid.

Payment option:

After a lawyer has informed you about joining the case, then it is important to know about the payment options available. The payment can be done only with the help of the settlement. Also, there is a deadline for the case and hence the money must be deposited before the deadline.

There are many more aspects to this class action lawsuit. It is therefore important to know all these details about the case before joining it. After all, it is important to get full justice in the case. Hence, if you have been involved in an accident case caused by Takata airbags, it is important to contact your lawyer as soon as possible so that all the important information is clear to you. In addition to this, it is important to find out the process where you will be compensated and also how you will pay your lawyer.

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