I Bite Back – How Tek Litigation Can Help Dogs

The IBIIS Tek Lawsuit is a legal case, which was won by a dog owner against his four-legged friend. In essence, the dog bit the owner on two occasions – once while he was out jogging and once when he returned from a long jog. The dog owner then sustained an injury which required extensive medical treatment. When he consulted a personal injury attorney, he was told that he would have to file a law suit before being paid anything by the insurance company. His legal counsel told him that unless he had IBIIS Insurance, there was no way that the insurance company would pay any part of his medical bills.

IBIS Tek Lawsuit

This was a big disappointment to the dog owner as the cost for filing the IBIIS Tek Lawsuit was very expensive. He then decided that it was best that he let the legal case to go to trial rather than risk losing his dog. During the trial, it was found that the dog in question was not a “vicious” dog as the dog owner had claimed that it was. Despite this evidence, the insurance company still did not back down and will be fighting the case in court.

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The legal case was originally filed by the dog owner seeking compensation for the pain and suffering caused to him by his dog’s attack.

However, after winning at trial, the owner was told that the dog bite had caused him much more than just physical injury – emotional trauma as well. It is now believed that the dog may have caused the owner to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Experts are now even saying that a dog bite can cause a person to have PTSD even if they were not bitten in the past.

It has become quite evident that the legal process which was once handled by animal lawyers was far from being fair and balanced.

The jury was not properly instructed and some of them voted to acquit the case. All this has been done in an attempt by the insurance companies to save themselves money. It was also found that in many cases the legal case that was brought against the owners of the dog was weak and dealt with in a superficial manner. This meant that the dog owners were able to get compensation but their legal rights were infringed upon.

There are a number of things which need to be changed so that cases like the one involving the I biscuit case can be avoided in the future.

One such change is to make sure that any dog bite case is handled using a fair and balanced courtroom with all the relevant facts being produced to help the jury to arrive at a just verdict. Any dog owner who feels that their dog has been attacked should ensure that their legal team is properly represented. In the case of the I biscuit case, the lawyer that was appointed for the dog owner was unable to attend the trial due to an illness and therefore could not give his expert testimony.

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The general public must also be made aware of how dog bites can affect their personal rights.

If you have been a victim of such a case then you should take steps to contact a solicitor immediately. Some dog owners may try to avoid addressing the issue by pointing the finger of blame at the victim but it is better for victims to make it clear that they hold the dog responsible for their injuries. Many dogs have been put to sleep because of mauling attacks. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones.

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