A Young Living Doterra lawsuit is a lawsuit that was brought against Global Resorts Network and its owner Michael Korsakov. The reason for the suit is because they hired a person who was a trained aromatherapist to work at their hotel. They hired this person even though the person had no training in being an aromatherapist. When the person started treating guests with essential oils the hotel staff knew that he had not received any training.

Young Living Doterra Lawsuits

In the Young Living Doterra lawsuit, there was evidence that the employees knew about this person’s background. After the Dotterra lawsuit was settled in 2021, the company continued to employ this person to work at their hotels. Even though this person no longer had a job, he still was being paid. This is because the company did not change its ways and continued to use their employees when it came to treating guests with essential oils and using aromatherapy products.

Another example of this type of lawsuit occurs at Minnesota resorts.

There are resorts in Minnesota that have a rule that they cannot be employed by individuals under the age of twenty-one years. Some of these resorts also have policies that surround the use of essential oils. When a young couple is married and wishes to incorporate a healthy alternative lifestyle into their marriage and use essential oils as a means to achieving this goal; they must first abide by the rules and regulations set forth by their resort.

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A doTerra essential oils lawsuit has been filed against a doctor in Minnesota. He was fired from his job because he was using essential oils without the proper permits. The reason for his firing was because he violated the statute on using essential oils. The doctor did not violate any laws. He violated the statute because the information provided to him was considered incorrect and misleading by the HVAC system.

In this situation, the HVAC system failed to properly calculate the amount of oil that was needed to make the proper dosage.

DoTerra Essential oils were diluted with room temperature water. To meet the legal standards, a formula was created by the doctor that contained the right amount of essential oils. The HVAC system is not responsible for calculating the correct amount of carrier oils or other liquids. The doctor did violate the law because he failed to obtain the proper Dilution.

This situation has caused a huge issue for HVAC contractors in Minnesota. Many contractors use dilutions of DOTERra or similar safe ingredients that produce dyes and coloring. Many people are allergic to these chemicals and cannot tolerate them. The ingredients in these products do not fall into the category of essential oils, which means that they can be used without fear of allergic reactions.

The HVAC companies have also been sued due to the misuse of dilutions of essential oils.

In one case, the company stored dilutions of lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in a freezer. When the lawsuit was filed, they claimed that there was no way that anyone could know that the products were improperly diluted. These companies use the definition of ‘essential oil completely incorrectly in their defense. They also claim that using essential oils for therapeutic purposes is legal in all states.

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The fact is that these companies are taking advantage of people by selling dilutions of essential oils that are not safe for human consumption.

Even though the courts have ruled that using HVAC products that contain lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree essential oils are not guilty of violating anti-frivolous manufacture laws, contractors need to protect themselves from these lawsuits. Any damage that is caused by using HVAC air conditioning systems without proper controls can be financially devastating. Fortunately, there is a company in America that provides people who work for them with HVAC services and they provide training as to how to avoid these lawsuits. Young Living Doterra is one such HVAC company.

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