What Happens When a Huguuge Casino Injury Lawsuit Is Filed

It seems like the last Huuuge Casino lawsuit is winding down, but there are still a lot of people upset over it. One of them is New Jersey’s Attorney General John Van de Kamp, who’s been named in the suit as one of the people responsible for allowing the lawsuit to go on. According to reports, Van de Kamp has stepped down from his position while the case is being resolved, but the damage to the reputation of the state’s attorney general has been done.

Huguuge Casino Lawsuit

The suit was brought about by Steve Gage, a Long Island resident who’d purchased the now bankrupt Huuuge Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Gage and other supporters of the closure had claimed that the loss of the casino, which was once one of the most popular in the area, was the result of greedy business owners taking advantage of customers who wanted to enjoy some of the best gambling experience that the state of New Jersey had to offer. In their claims, they claimed that the owners had neglected to make needed repairs to the casino, despite warnings from the previous owners. A New Jersey court eventually agreed with these accusations and ordered the closing of the facility, effectively shutting it down for good.

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While this may seem like the end of the story, it isn’t necessarily so.

There are a great number of individuals and organizations that have yet to receive the settlement funds that were awarded to the owners of the Huuuge. There are also other cases in which, despite having merit, lawsuits involving the collapse of the casino haven’t yet been resolved in favor of the plaintiffs.

There was another suit against the shuttered casino, however.

This one involved two women who lost their own husbands to the New Jersey closed. One of the plaintiffs in this case, Beverly Johnson, has also been fighting to get her claims for lost wages and emotional pain and suffering paid to her. The recent turn of events has left the former owners of the property feeling very vulnerable, especially after all the recent publicity. As such, their attorney has recently asked the court to reconsider the claims that the closed casino caused “unjust” suffering to the deceased plaintiffs.

The lawyer that is handling the case, John DiLorenzi, is looking to regain some of the money that was paid out to the former owners of the Huuuge.

Lawyers who are often paid on contingency fees, or at a percentage of compensation, are not receiving a large amount of their money from the case. This may change according to the progress of the case. As previously mentioned, there have been quite a few different claims filed against the closed casino. This means that the damages that can be seen by a jury may well be much greater than initially anticipated.

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of a huguuge casino negligence claim, you should contact a personal injury attorney right away.

There are many New Jersey personal injury lawyers that handle these types of cases. Make sure that you choose one that has experience dealing with this type of case. A good lawyer will be able to give you advice on how you should proceed with your lawsuit and what your chances are of winning. Also make sure that you understand everything about your rights and what the judge and jury will be looking for in order to come to a fair decision.

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