How Many Complaints Against Wal Mart Are There?

Recently, a very famous company has come to our community and that is Walmart. Now we all know of their huge success and they have built many Outlet stores all over the country. However, at some time in their history, Wal-Mart was sued by many people who claimed they were injured while on the job. It was on this occasion that the question was asked: how many lawsuits against Wal-Mart were there and the answer was: “none”.

But then again, how many lawsuits are there really?

In my opinion, none, because there was never a case filed against them. They have always been above the law. The media portrays them as a greedy corporation that is out to take over the world but that is just not the case.

In fact, it is just the opposite, a very company driven organization.

I personally feel if there was ever an official complaint against them, then it would have been filed by a labor union or other groups representing workers. If a lawyer tried to sue them, Wal-Mart would spend millions of dollars to counter the lawsuit. This is the same thing that happened with Enron years ago.

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Let me give you another example, let’s say there was a doctor who died in a Wal-Mart emergency room.

The doctor’s family filed a suit against Wal-Mart, the company, because they did not provide adequate care for their loved one. On its own, Wal-Mart could have provided more personnel to help the doctor for an extended period until he died. This is what I mean by “insufficient compensation”. Supplying the employee with adequate health care is an obligation that is inherent in our labor laws. Supplying them with inadequate health care just doesn’t make sense from any perspective.

Now let’s consider a different scenario.

Let’s say a corporation has developed a product that causes cancer in unborn children. No one at the company ever considered the damage to the unborn child from using this product. And let’s also consider one more example, suppose a corporation has developed a product that causes birth defects on its manufacture. Again, this one might never be considered by a court of law. Again, I ask why a company that is so large should be subject to fines, and possibly jail time because they fail to provide safety standards for their products?

So, the bottom line here is that there are more lawsuits taking place than ever before.

I challenge any attorney out there to find one case in recent history where an injury was caused due to a product of Wal-Mart manufacturing. If so, that attorney must explain to me how many such cases they have won and explain to me what happened in each case. I’d be very interested in such information, any of you can assist me.

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