Have you been affected by the Grey Pipe? This is a major environmental issue that has resulted in thousands of residents being forced from their homes. The Grey Pipe is a man-made water passage, through which huge quantities of sewage are let down into the environment each day. This sewage then contaminates the groundwater and the water becomes unfit for human consumption. The contaminants in the water include deadly toxins, chemicals, and carcinogenic agents.

It was due to this harmful contaminating agent that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had to ban the use of grey pipe in the country.

However, companies still utilize it and disregard the ban. As a result, the ban was not implemented and so many more millions of Americans are facing health problems due to inhaling pollutants in their homes. It has therefore come to the attention of thousands of people all over the country to take legal action against the companies that allow the pipelines to be in place. The lawsuit is known as the Grey Pipe lawsuit and it involves residents living in Florida.

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The reason why people feel that they have a valid case against these companies is that they feel the pipes were installed intentionally.

There were no surveys conducted before the installation of the pipeline, so there is no way to determine how many people have become ill or have died as a direct result of the pipeline. Furthermore, officials never told them about the danger of the pipeline. For instance, according to Florida’s attorney general, officials did inform the families living near the pipeline that the pipelines could pose a safety risk. Yet, none of the families who were exposed to the pipeline’s exhaust fumes ever reported any changes in their health.

Another thing that makes the Grey Pipe lawsuit different is the fact that it has been submitted to the Florida Supreme Court. This is a clear indication that the lawsuit is being handled by an attorney who is well informed about the laws governing Florida’s waterways. He or she will be able to help ensure that the rights of the people living near the pipeline are protected. This attorney has represented the families of those who died trying to get access to the water under the bridge. He has also represented the families of children who drowned in the river. This lawyer knows exactly what he is doing.

What has gotten attention recently is how Florida’s top court ignored the recommendations of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission when deciding how to handle the problem of the pipeline.

The commission, headed by Governor Rick Scott, needed to do more than merely say that the pipeline was not creating a harmful environmental impact. It needed to take a position and do something about it. Unfortunately, the court deferred to the state attorney general’s recommendations. This is a pretty disturbing trend when you consider just how close Florida is to Mexico.

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This is not the only pipeline that the state of Florida is currently facing. Insolvable problems like this one are forcing the Miami-Dade County to take another look at the sewer/sewer project.

Are there other places where problematic pipes are being found? A lawsuit like the one filed against Vedado Energy could not have come at a worse time for Florida. As we all know, Florida is one of the hottest real estate markets on the planet right now. Between rising property values, high-paying jobs, and a rapidly growing and aging population, there is no question that Florida is booming.

Now, Miami-Dade County is once again at the center of controversial water issues.

Last month, amid the lawsuit involving the Vedado pipeline, the county announced that it would be releasing $1.75 million in fines to settle a long-standing dispute over contaminated groundwater. Although the amount of money involved may seem paltry, given the concerns over contaminating the water supply and endangering the general health of South Florida residents, the amount of money involved should be enough to ensure that the pipeline is never built again. Hopefully, this lawsuit will finally bring a stop to the unnecessary delays, lawsuits, and over-zealous political pandering that characterize pipeline projects throughout Florida.

This is just one of the pipeline lawsuits plaguing Florida right now. There are many more to come as the state continues to grapple with the problems that come with large-scale infrastructure projects. As Florida continues to compete with other states for growth, many politicians have had to take extreme measures to try to keep their cities viable. Unfortunately, politicians often find themselves short of resources when trying to make major infrastructure projects go smoothly. The bottom line is that if your city has been harmed by a poorly planned, poorly managed, or dirty pipeline, the odds are good that you may be able to file a Grey Pipe lawsuit to seek compensation for your troubles.

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