Class Action Lawsuit – How Can I Sue For Pain and Knee Replacement?

If you are considering filing a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective defected knee joint then you will need to consider a class action lawsuit against the company that sold you the defective product. This type of lawsuit is one of the most common strategies that people use to bring large companies to justice and it is often quite successful. A class action lawsuit can also bring large financial rewards to the people who file it as they can be entitled to receive a percentage of the money that was paid out by the class action lawsuit in settlements or trial. If your doctor prescribes you a knee replacement surgery, but later finds out that you were the victim of a defective defected knee joint, you should consider a class action lawsuit against the doctor and the pharmaceutical company that sold you the defective product.

Class Action Lawsuit Knee Replacement

One case is that of Rachael Ray. Rachael Ray was fired from her job as a beauty commentator because she claimed on air that the new knee lift she had just received through plastic surgery was causing her severe pain. Rachael said on her show that she had always been open about undergoing surgeries for cosmetic reasons. She never mentioned that she had previously had one as a teenager. When she received the notice of dismissal from her job, she immediately went online and began her search for an attorney to help her with her wrongful termination case. The day before her show was to air on Fox News she received a call from the Human Resource Department of her employer, saying that she would not be allowed to return to the set as she had been terminated due to her actions.

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Rachael stated that she was informed that her new “inflatable” inflatable breast implant would be too dangerous for her to use while on the job.

When Rachael attempted to return to work after this incident, however, she was told by her employer that she could not return as she had been instructed that she must wear a defected knee joint implant. Her supervisor claimed that the new inflatable device that Rachael had been given was one that a current employee had worn, which caused her to have an accident. Although Rachael’s injury was considered minor at the time, it has left her with chronic pain as well as requiring her to obtain physical therapy and countless hours of home care as her defected kneecap healed.

Rachael has sought compensation on the basis of both medical bills and lost wages and pain and suffering.

She is represented by her former direct employer, Suncor, and her two lead attorneys. The attorneys are being paid by the defendant, GlaxoSmithKline, who is responsible for advising the defendant on whether or not a class action lawsuit can be filed in this case. GlaxoSmithKline is also a defendant in a different case involving the manufacture of a similar defected knee replacement device.

The manufacturer of the device, Omron, is currently facing a class action lawsuit that claims that they knew the product was defective, did nothing to correct the problem, and provided the device to consumers with a defective device.

If you are a victim in this case then you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may have a very legitimate claim to pursue and the more information that you have the better your chances will be of getting the settlement you deserve. It will also make it easier to choose an attorney to handle your case, as many of them will not charge a fee until their client is successfully represented.

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You may want to explore your options before you decide if you should pursue a class action lawsuit on your own behalf.

A good personal injury attorney can tell you if you have a case that can potentially merit a huge monetary settlement. You will need to demonstrate proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you sustained an injury because of the defective device or negligence of another person. In addition, you will have to establish that the other person knew about the defect and did nothing to correct the problem. Class action lawsuits are designed to provide compensation to class members and often bring much larger settlements than a case on your own. Before filing a class action lawsuit, you should speak to an attorney who can give you more advice.

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