Why being a Burlington Coat Factory Lawsuit Filed?

The Burlington Coat Factory is owned by the Duane and Vivienne Schneider family. They have owned the factory since 1950. During this time they have made a great many coats for those who need a warm and comfortable garment.

Burlington Coat Factory Lawsuit

The complaint that has brought about this lawsuit against the Coat Factory is that they did not provide safe working conditions for their workers. Many of their workers have suffered from ill health and have even died because of their exposure to toxic chemicals in the paint chips that are used to create the coats. Some of these workers have also died because they have inhaled the fumes from these chemicals. Additionally, they have also caused many women to have breast cancer because they were not given proper protective clothing when working in the factory. All of these are the claims that the plaintiffs are making in their lawsuit.

There is currently no court date scheduled as the lawsuit is still in process.

Hopefully, the owners of the Burlington Coat Factory will see the lawsuit through to its conclusion before too much time has passed. For now though, the lawsuit is moving slowly so the plaintiffs may not be able to get a lot of the information out to the public. It is important to remember that these lawsuits are not usually won by large financial institutions but rather by small businesses who cannot afford to fight a big legal battle.

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As of right now, the owners of the Burlington Coat Factory have released a statement saying that they are reviewing the complaint.

However, we have not heard back on whether or not they plan to fight the claim. The general consensus amongst attorneys who have seen the lawsuit is that the owners are taking the complaint very lightly. They argue that it is simply a commercial enterprise purchasing and reselling a product. While that may be true, it would only be surprising if they did not stand behind the products that they sell.

If the owners of the company do not fight the lawsuit then it is possible that they will lose their entire investment.

Some people will say that this is a travesty because it is unfair for them to let a business go when they are owed money. However, it should be noted that most business entities are ultimately willing to negotiate with their former owners. Even when a lawsuit is eventually brought against them, they have the option to negotiate a settlement that is fair to both sides. The owners of the Burlington Coat Factory could try to use the statements that they have made in their defense as precedents for other lawsuits that they might face.

It should be noted that the owners of the Burlington Coat Factory are not claiming that the lawsuit is illegitimate.

Rather, they are pointing out that it appears to be a conflict of interest due to them buying the building for the company. In other words, instead of an honest businessman putting his money where his mouth is, he is putting his own interests first by trying to claim that the company’s primary goal is to provide jobs. That may be true, but if the company truly did want to create more jobs in Burlington, it would probably have done so by offering a competitive package to the workers who lost their jobs. Therefore, this claim may be meritless and yet, it is important to remember that if the owners really wanted to create more jobs, they would have offered a competitive package to the former employees in the first place.

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