Almond Milk Lawsuit!

In June of 2021, a lawsuit was filed against Almond Milk and its parent company due to its deceptive marketing of a non-dairy alternative. The lawsuit was brought forth by the Natural Products Association. This association is an international trade organization dedicated to promoting natural food products and working to ensure their safety throughout the world. Almond Milk is one of their major members and manufacturers.

Almond Milk is produced from nuts rather than cows. For this reason, it is called ” almond milk” rather than ” almond milk” and “nut-free.” Because the nut is removed, non-dairy Almond Milk is not “dairy” and it does not have any lactose. It did not take long for the Natural Products Association to take legal action in defense of this innocent, non-dairy Almond Milk.

Almond Milk Lawsuit!

The problem is that non-dairy almonds do not exist! Only almonds that are fed to animals are known as non-dairy. These include Almonds that are fed to dogs and other pets as well as Almonds that are grown organically on farms. No, Almond Milk is not real food. The Non-Dairy category is simply a marketing ploy for people to avoid paying more for real food. Almond Milk is nothing more than a carbonated beverage with absolutely no nutritional value.

There is no question that Almond Milk is delicious and quite nutritious.

It tastes much better than regular cow’s milk and it has a pleasant almond taste to it. However, this is not what the Natural Products Association is focusing on here. They are focusing on the fact that Almond Milk lacks any protein, Vitamin A or Vitamin B6. They also claim that the fat in Almond Milk increases your cholesterol levels. This almond milk lawsuit has been going on for over a year now and they have yet to produce any evidence refuting these claims.

First of all, let me say that I am a very healthy person and I do not believe in taking supplements of any kind. I also do not think that having lower cholesterol levels is necessarily bad either. The truth is that most dairy products (not just Almond Milk) have at least some bad fat and that should not be ignored.

But the thing about dairy is that it is high in lactose and it is also relatively high in calories. So even though people may argue that you don’t need more dairy in your diet, they also argue that you don’t need too many calories! This is like saying that you don’t need bread because it contains too many carbs. The problem with saying this is that people often have no idea of how much they need to eat to get their daily requirement of carbohydrates or other nutrients. It is estimated that people need up to 3500 calories of carbohydrates each day just to meet the recommended dietary allowance.

But one thing is clear, dairy is high in calcium which is necessary if you are going to build strong bones.

Most people will not get enough calcium from the dairy products that they are used to so that means that they must add extra calcium to their diet in other ways. One way that many people are choosing to add extra calcium is by taking supplements. So it is possible that if you drink Almond Milk, that you are already consuming enough calcium in your daily diet! But even so, it doesn’t make sense to consume more when you don’t need to!

So this whole case seems to me to be rather silly. People use a very large amount of logic in arguing against this milk. If you look at the nutritional value of the product it looks very healthy. Almonds are high in protein which is needed for building strong bones! They contain healthy fats and good fat. So there are no bad things about this product at all!

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